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What we aim at Büyülübağ is to craft aromatic, clean, elegant and stylistically expressive wines that show the individual chracteristics of our vineyards. Our philosopy is to accompany the journey from vine to bottle with focused attention on each and every detail and minimal manipulation.  The  exemplified practices are;

  • transporting  the handpicked fruit to winery in small baskets to avoid crashing,

  • hand sorting first the bunches then the stemless berries,

  • gravity assisted fruit and wine movements,

  • fermenting  each vineyard parcel separately,

  • wild fermentation on premium segment wines,                    

  • soft pressing to minimize harsh tannins and flavors,

  • minimal usage of neutral oak not to dominate but to add aromatic (complexity) multiplicity and depth,

  • limited filtration to protect characteristics of the wine.

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