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Büyülübağ Vineyards - nearly 20 hectars- consist of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and also indegenous variety Adakarası. The best fitted root stocks for the international grapes had been chosen resulting from the soil-climate analysis conducted in France, they are on double-guyot training system. The vine stocks of local grape ‘Adakarası’ are 35 years old on an average. Traditional training system of Adakarası is goble. Cluster type is short, berries are oval, skin is purple and thick.

Avsa Island is located in the middle of the Marmara Sea, therefore has the typical climate of the region. The unique microclimate of the island has common features both with the Mediterranean and the Black Sea region. During the summer the island is affected by the north, northeast winds. Being located between two different regions, the island has short storms during summer caused by the cold weather front on the north.  The hottest month is July with a average temperature of  25 º C. Coldest month is January. It snows occasionally during January and February. The soil of the island consist of sandy granodiorite.

Vineyards lay against the cool northeaster breeze that helps to slow the ripening and create intense flavour compounds.

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